Every home owner wants their home to look its best. They also want each room to be able to function according to its intended use. One room that demands a lot of attention is the bathroom. It is a room that can be a challenge to upgrade or to design. This site is dedicated to creating the perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Staff

It isn’t just residential homes that need a fully functional and stylish bathroom. Many businesses especially those open to the public have some of the same requirements. This section of the site is dedicated to the staff requirements for businesses and those that are open to the public. The information is helpful and provides some useful tips. One of our posts is dedicated to casino bathrooms. We choose this topic because the bathrooms in this type of establishment can serve as a wonderful example.


Although there are many different components that go into the designing of the bathroom, one of the most important is the shower. This section we have dedicated to this talks about some of the more popular showers that are available. There is also some great information about choosing showers for the disabled. Then for those who are thinking about a mixer shower they will gain some insight about this from one of our posts.

Design Styles

There are some starter tips in this section that will help an individual determine what styles they may want for their bathroom. The information talks about design and size as well as various levels of convenience.