One of the most exciting establishments to go to is a casino, despite the increasing number of people who are learning how to play online roulette and other games. These gaming institutions have a lot of responsibilities. One of them is to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere for their patrons to enjoy. Most of the casinos cater to large crowds, and they have to have proper bathroom facilities. It is important these fit in with the rest of the decor of the casino.


With the casinos being so busy, they need to have bathrooms that are large enough to accommodate several patrons at once. This creates a need to have several stalls. The stalls have to be big enough for individuals to move around in comfortably. They also have to be well planned for because there will be a number of them required.


Bathrooms can become congested very quickly. The layout is going to be important. The sink area should be out of the way of the stalls. But, at the same time close enough that people can assess them quickly.

Enough Sinks

One mistake that can be made is not having enough sinks in comparison to the number of stalls. It doesn’t mean that has to be one sink for every stall. It does mean that care has to be taken that people will not be lining up to wash their hands.


The decor of the casino bathrooms is important. Patrons don’t want to be leaving a lavish looking gaming area and walking into a shoddy looking bathroom. Care has to be given to the look of the bathroom.

Easy to Maintain

Another factor to keep in mind when designing the casino bathrooms is their need for maintenance. The layout and design should make it easy for the staff to clean and maintain this area of the casino.

Making sure that there are enough accessories like soap and towel dispensers, along with trash bins are all components of a well-designed casino bathroom.