One of the most important renovations to many people is their washroom. It can ironically also be one of the most challenging and the most expensive as well. The challenge comes from limited space and a lot of functional requirements. When doing an upgrade, most people want to look closely at what is trending at the time.

Master Bathrooms

This bathroom is usually the main bathroom for the home. It has all the components that a fully functional bathroom needs. This includes the toilet, shower and sink. Then once these have been planned for the focus shifts to the other needs. Many like to have some type of cabinets installed to hold toiletries and miscellaneous items like the towels. Lighting is another important factor. Flooring must be designed so it will hold up to the water it is going to be exposed to. Also, it must be safe to avoid accidents like slipping.

Three Quarter Style Bathrooms

This is an option for a second bathroom in a large house. The components for this style is the toilet, sink and shower. Most often these are a smaller scale compared to the Master bathrooms. They are fully functional but the decor may be a little more subdued. Although this will depend on the individual’s preference.

Powder Room

The powder room is going to consist of no more than the toilet and the sink. It is often one that is installed in a basement or on the main floor of a home.

When it comes to the actual design it is going to depend on how much room is available. Some people don’t like to allocate extra room for the bathroom purposes. They would sooner reserve extra space for other rooms. No matter what space is available an impressive bathroom can be designed.