Every business needs to have some type of staff to take on the responsibility of the care and upkeep of the bathroom facilities. What kind of staff and how many will depend on the type and size of the business entity.

Full Time Cleaning Staff

Large or busy businesses are most likely going to need full time cleaning staff for the bathrooms. In a busy organization the bathrooms are constantly being used. It doesn’t take long before they need some upkeep. In many cases it only requires one staff member to keep up on the cleaning of the bathrooms. Provided they don’t have any additional responsibilities.

The staff should have a clear outline as to the tasks that need doing each day. The shift will usually begin with making sure that all the products needed to serve those using this facility are well stocked. There should not be any immediate cleaning done to start with. As this should have been done at the end of the shift.

Throughout the course of the shift the staff must keep up with the cleaning. They are required to keep the bathrooms tidy. Also, they need to replace products that are getting low. At the end of the shift a full cleaning should be done. This way it is ready for the next day or the next shift.

Part Time Cleaning Staff

Many business entities only need bathroom cleaning staff on a part time basis. This staff may come in at the close of the business each day. They will go through an entire cleaning procedure.


Bathrooms often need routine maintenance. Especially when it comes to the plumbing. Large establishments can have an in-house maintenance staff. Smaller business can call in professional plumbers as needed.

Every business or public entity must determine what staff is needed for proper bathroom care.