One of the essential rooms in a home is the bathroom. It is made up of different components. One of these is the shower. But, how does one know how to pick the best shower for the entire family?

Water Supply

Every shower needs a good water supply, but the water source is not something that is given enough thought. In most cases, the water system in a home will be one of three types.

  • Unvented hot water system
  • Combination Boiler
  • Gravity system

It is important to know the type of water system because each shower type has its own specific requirements.


Some families are bigger than others. The number of people taking showers and the frequency determines how much demand is going to be put on the shower system as well as the water system.

The Style

Once it has been determined which styles of showers are going to be compatible with the water system it will come down to choosing a style. One of the exciting aspects of showers is there are so many different styles to choose from. It will be according to personal preference.

Shower Heads

Another decision that has to be made will be for the shower heads, which there are many to choose from. It is the shower head that is capable of creating different experiences in the shower. There are three basic types to choose from.

  • Fixed shower head
  • Riser
  • Combination

What is going to work best for all family members is something that should be considered. Some children may not adapt well to a specific type of shower head.

Shower Enclosures

Choosing the enclosure for the shower is another task that needs to be done. This is going to be determined by the space available as well as the style of the bathroom itself.