In today’s modern world there are so many different types of showers to choose from. It can be hard to make the best choice. One of these that is growing in popularity is the mixer shower.

What is a Mixer Shower?

For those that always have a problem adjusting the temperature of their shower, the mixer shower will be of great interest. It has the ability to draw water from both water supplies. Meaning from the cold water supply as well as the hot water.

Is it Suitable for You?

While there are the benefits of having regulated water temperatures, it has to be decided if the components are there for this shower type to operate effectively. There has to be good access to hot water. Such as a combi boiler or a large capacity water tank.

Benefits to Shower Users

Having the water temperature controlled is beneficial for all the family members. It is particularly useful for young children. Also, the elderly. Both these age groups can have difficulty regulating the water temperature in a traditional shower.

Another benefit of the mixer shower is a better rate of flow with the water. It is frustrating to have a shower where the water flow is intermittent.


The mixer shower allows for the choice of different styles. It can be mounted on the wall. Then there is an option to have it built into the wall. Another option is to have a digital mixer shower.

When one is choosing a shower for the home, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. The benefits are one consideration. Also, the cost is something that most people want to take into account. Often when people are updating their shower or installing a new one, they are doing other bathroom renovations as well.